Project submission

Welcome to the project submission interface for UNIGE-Exeter Joint Seed Funding Call, in the framework of the strategic partnership between the University of Geneva and the University of Exeter.

This interface is open to faculty members from the University of Geneva and the University of Exeter. There is currently no open call for projects.

For more information on projects, conditions and contacts, please see the Joint Call for Proposals 2019-2020.

To submit or edit a project, please register and connect to the platform. Then use the “Submit or edit project” button on the right of this page (visible only if you are logged in).

The project submission includes a short project description (250 words max.), the project timeline, and 3 questions linked to the criteria of the Call (150 words max./question). A brief project budget must be provided, usingĀ this template. Additional supporting documents may be uploaded during the process.

The documentation available on the right provides full information on registration, project submission etc.

In case of questions, please contact your respectiveĀ Coordinator.